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Why are Chinese herbs sometimes recommended?

Chinese Herbal medicine can be a powerful adjunct to your acupuncture care or used as a stand-alone treatment.  Unlike acupuncture, which activates your own intrinsic  metabolic activity, Chinese Herbal formulas introduce external influences to the body in the same way nourishing food might.  Herbal formulas are used to strengthen, build and support the body or to help it resolve problems like a cold, fever or acute pain. They are designed to meet your individual needs at a given point in time with the intention of restoring optimal metabolic activity. Some gentle supportive formulas can be taken long-term, especially for chronic conditions.


I have hundreds of hours of specialized training in Chinese Herbal Medicine and passed the National Chinese Herbology Boards in 2002. The herbs provided are processed in  labs that operate in full compliance with all FDA, HIPAA, and National Security Agency regulations and are manufactured according to a comprehensive set of safety precautions and accuracy measures.                                                                                       Regina Gibbons MBA, M.AC


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