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“Biological systems are homeodynamic
because of their ability to dynamically self-organise at bifurcation points of their behaviour where they lose stability.”*


A homeodynamic biological system

 That be you!


This is the very foundation of East Asian Medicine: to enhance and maintain optimal cellular reproduction and repair, support the organism’s ability to self-regulate and self-organize, and to minimize adverse influences.

Physical or emotional discomfort, digestive disorders, fatigue or dis-ease of any kind are signals that your biological system is trying to self-regulate.

You can help and so can I.

I offer many approaches to  help you recalibrate and to come to a new understanding of yourself, your body and your relationships through the lens of Conventional Medicine, East Asian Medicine and Ancient Wisdom Traditions with an eye to 21st Century Scientific Research.


Lloyd, D., Aon, M. A., & Cortassa, S. (2001) Why homeodynamics, not homeostasis? Scientific World Journal, 1, 133-145. 

Regina Gibbons MBA, Lic. Ac.
79 Trapelo Road
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Herbal Medicine



Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tai Chi and Qi Gong could  all be part of the Integrative approach we’ll take to help resolve your muscle tension, pain, stress, insomnia, headaches, menstrual or digestive issues.  

Centrally located in Cushing Square, Belmont, MA the office is easily accessible from Arlington, Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, Waltham and surrounding areas.


Come find sustainable relief from:

Don’t Panic. You’re resourceful!


Living with uncertainty is incredibly stressful.  Environmental, cultural, medical, political and economic destabilization has profound effects on our homeo-dynamic organism. Truth of the matter is, humans have always lived with or, more accurately, within uncertainty while operating under the assumption that there was predictability and a plan for life.  Call me guilty!    But there’s no need to panic.  Continue reading

You’re Amazing!

  Each human organism (that’s you) is made up of about 40 Trillion cells (that’s 40 Thousand Billion or 40 Million Million) -liver cells, bone cells, heart cells, brain cells, nerves cells, and blood cells; the microscopic building blocks of your organs, tissues and bones. That’s a lot of Legos! And then there are electrical and chemical signals like neurotransmitters, Continue reading

You’re Dynamic!

Understand that the process that makes you Amazing is an ideal equilibrium or homeostasis: where the system self-regulates in order to maintain stability.


Similar to the thermostat in your home, if you set it for 70 degrees the furnace with turn on when the temperature drops below 70. Once the thermostat senses a temperature Continue reading

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